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The Economic Impact of U.S. Trade Sanctions on Imports of Paper Products (2011). A study that estimates the economic costs of trade sanctions on imports of coated paper products from China and Indonesia.
The Social Costs of Listed Property Tax on Employer’s Provided Cellular Phone (2010). A cost-and-benefit analysis of the 21-year old onerous tax code in the United States.
Taxpayers’ Costs to Support Higher Education: A Comparison of Public, Private not-for-profit, and Private for-profit Institutions (2010). An empirical study to assess the cost structure of postsecondary education institutions in the United States.
Valve Industry: Market Opportunities and Challenges (2010). An assessment of market opportunities and challenges for American valve manufacturers to do business overseas.
The Impact of Ending Federal Preemption for Class III Medical Devices on Patients’ Access to Advanced Medical Procedures (2009). A simulation of litigation and economic impacts if the federal preemption for class III medical devices is eliminated.
The Economics of Options and Futures Contracts: An Application to the Carbon Emission Markets (2009). An analytical survey of the role of financial derivatives to play in fostering and accelerating the full development of a carbon emissions control regime.
The Impact of a Preborrow Requirement for Short Sales on Failures-to-Deliver and Market Liquidity (2009). An empirical investigation examines the short sales and the impact of preborrowing requirements in different countries.
The Economic Effects of Expanded FDIC Coverage on a Permanent Basis (2008). A paper estimates the costs and benefits of expanding FDIC coverage to all accounts.
The Roles of Private Equity in the U.S. Capital Markets (2008). A paper discusses the private equity sector, including its roles and contributions to the capital markets.
The Economic Impacts of Private Equity on Labor Markets (2008). A study assesses the economic impacts of leveraged-buyouts on jobs in the target companies.
The Impacts of Carbon Tax on the U.S. Economy and the Global Climate (2008). A simulation of carbon taxes on energy markets, the U.S. economy and the global climate change.
Global Climate Change: Four Approaches to Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions (2008). A comparison of the costs and benefits of four approaches — command-and-control, voluntary, cap-and-trade, and tax – to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Economic Effects of Intellectual Property Intensive Manufacturing (2007). An empirical study examines the impact of intellectual property on manufacturing sectors in the U.S. and states.
Traditional and Structured Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) (2007). An analysis of a financial technique of investment entities to purchase common/preferred shares and convertible debt of publicly-traded companies at discount prices for the purpose of raising capital.
The Distribution of Ownership of U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Companies (2007). An analysis estimates the ownership of the publicly-traded oil and gas companies in the U.S., including corporate insiders, institutional investors and individual investors.
Economic Opportunities in the U.S. in the Past 25 Years by Income and Demographic Groups (2007). A construction of an index to measure economic opportunities for different population groups in the U.S. in the past 25 years.
The Impact of Argentina’s Sovereign Debt Default and Restructuring on U.S. Taxpayers and Investors (2006). An analysis to estimate the cost of Argentina’s debt default in 2001 to worldwide investors.
An Analysis of Natural Gas Prices in Spot and Futures Markets: The Roles of Economic Fundamentals, Market Structure and Speculative Activities (2006). A study that examines the determinants affecting natural gas price rises since 2000.
Alternative International Telephone Call Services and Low-Income Immigrants (2006). A price comparison of four calling alternatives (pre-paid calling cards, discount calling plans, dial-arounds and mobile phones) to a calling basket of eleven countries with high number of low-income immigrants in the United States.
The Economic Impact of a Windfall Profits Tax on Federal, State and Local Public Employee Pension Funds (2006). A study to estimate the impact of a windfall profits tax on public pension fund holders including federal and state and local government employees.
The Economic Impact of a Windfall Profits Tax on Savers and Shareholders (2005). A study to examine the economic impact of the proposed Windfall Profits Rebate Act of 2005 on domestic integrated oil and gas companies and its shareholders.
A Comparative Study of U.S and European Drug Markets (2004). A memo addresses three questions: (1) Do Europeans buy American drugs? (2) If not, why don’t Europeans buy American drugs? (3) Are all drugs more expensive in the U.S. than in Europe?
Newsletter for Potomac Asset Management Company (2003). A newsletter for institutional investors. It covers issues of macroeconomics and currencies that affect fixed income products.
Impacts of Small and Medium Enterprises on Developing Economies (2003). A project for Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) to quantify financial returns and economic returns of its investment on small and medium enterprises in developing countries.
A Preparatory Study of the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Credits (2003). A review for the Japan Bank International Cooperation (JBIC) to understand the process of issuing World Bank’s grants and loans to its eligible borrowing countries.
Macedonian Regional Trade Integration (2003). A study for the World Bank to evaluate the impact of the regional trade integration on the Macedonian economy and other countries in the region.
A Demand for Industrial Air Compressor Sales (2003). An econometric model for Sullair Corporation to estimate the demand for its products by U.S. counties. Executives use the results to determine sale quotas and prepare budgets.
U.S. Apparel Sales: Key Drivers and Forecasts (2002). A presentation for the GAP Incorporation. It describes the trend and outlook of the apparel industry.
Wine Consumption in the State of New York (2002). An empirical report for New York legislatures to estimate the impact of removing the ABC Law in New York on state and city revenues.
The Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. and Mexican Economies (1997). An empirical study for the Congressional Budget Office to evaluate the impact of the NAFTA. The study was used as the key defense at the congressional hearings.