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Food Truck Nation: Food Truck Index

March 2018

Food trucks continue to be vehicles for entrepreneurial opportunity and economic growth. Government regulators, though, have been slow to adapt their rules to this new breed of entrepreneur. From Boston to Washington, and San Francisco to Seattle, food trucks today continue to navigate tangled bureaucracies and costly processes. With the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation …

Interoperability and the Internet of Things

December 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially. Government, businesses, and individuals all rely on technology and devices to improve efficiently, increase security, and improve daily life. For consumers, these benefits are largely realized in two verticals: home and auto IoT. In both verticals, interoperability is key to realizing the full value of IoT.

IP-Intensive Manufacturing Industries: Driving U.S. Economic Growth

September 2017

Recent R&D and economic data across industries once again confirm the crucial role of innovation on long-term economic productivity and growth. IP-intensive industries outperformed non-IP intensive industries across key economic measures. Workers in innovative industries disproportionately create more economic value and earn …