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Stephanie Barello

Senior Consultant
Stephanie Barello is an economist at ndp | analytics where she specializes in economic and fiscal policy analysis. She brings a wide range of technical skills to her clients, including retrieving and analyzing data; updating and improving econometric models and methods; developing forecasts and projections; and visualizing data. She has experience in several statistical programming languages, including SAS, Stata, EViews, and Fortran. She is an effective public speaker and can clearly communicate her findings with clients. Stephanie is also the founder of econ | outlook, where she is currently overseeing the development of an economic forecasting website. Prior to joining ndp | analytics, Stephanie was a Principal Analyst at the Congressional Budget Office. In that role, she assisted in providing the Congress with 30-year projections of the federal budget and economy under current law. Earlier in her career, she worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where she analyzed and projected the impact of consumer spending on U.S. employment. Stephanie has been an adjunct professor at Montgomery College, where she taught macroeconomics. She also has experience with the Utah State Legislature and Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Utah’s largest business association. Stephanie previously volunteered overseas as well. She holds degrees in economics and international studies from Utah State University (M.S., B.A.).