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Report  |  January 2022

Kroger Stores Benefit Western Communities: An Assessment of the Enterprise’s Compensation Packages and the Economic Impacts in the West

By Nam D. Pham, Ph.D. and Mary Donovan

Kroger and its associates are integral to American households and communities. The enterprise employs local associates to provide groceries to local households. Kroger also offers job opportunities to underserved populations. Recognizing the important role of its hourly associates, accounting for 97 percent of total employees, the enterprise pays hourly associates higher wages and benefits compared to its peers in the overall retail industry across the country. In addition to monetary compensation, Kroger provides financial assistance to hourly associates and their children to pursue educational goals to advance their careers in the long-term. Over the past century, Kroger has built its success by relying on associates to make valuable contributions economically and socially to each local community it serves.