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Industry Impact & Trends

We provide meaningful data and insights to companies, trade associations, coalitions, and not-for-profits. We examine industry trends, analyze economic and social contributions, and construct benchmarks from local to global levels.  Our work is intended for broad public audiences and helps you enhance your communications, stakeholder relations, membership efforts, and increase sales revenue. Our offerings include:
Customized Research: a boutique approach to examine industry impact and trends.
Our customized research quantifies and communicates industry and/or company impact and trends for business leaders, policymakers, media, and other public audiences. Our clients come to us with a wide range of challenges: quantifying an industry’s contributions, estimating the impact of major events, like COVID-19 or new technologies, benchmarking, and more. Regardless of the task, our research approach is data-driven, robust, and transparent. Importantly, we work interactively with you throughout the process to craft messaging and produce research materials for your target audiences.

Jobs 2.0: a new take on traditional economic impact reports.
Jobs 2.0 goes beyond the industry employment impact by looking back in the past to include data on workforce demographics and looking forward into the future at occupational projections. The forward-looking data helps advance company workforce initiatives and benchmark performance. Importantly, Jobs 2.0 is an effective analytical tool for trade associations to enhance their value proposition, provide crucial and timely data to members, and serve as a resource to policymakers, media, and other stakeholders.

Social Impact: an analysis of CSR through an economic lens. 
Our social impact analysis makes sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) more than just buzzwords. We take CSR activities and translate them back to the economy. We analyze CSR activities and create a story on what matters the most: showing how your social impact affects real lives, grows the economy, and promotes sustainability.

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