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Economic & Policy Analysis

Economic impact and cost-benefit analyses are vital components of effective advocacy. We help you quantify and communicate the impact of legislation or regulation on the county, companies, consumers, and communities. We create indices to compare regulatory burdens across geographies or industries. We also conduct in-depth analyses to inform internal decision making. Our offerings include:
Customized Research: a boutique approach to address economic and policy issues.
Our customized economic research quantifies the impact of legislation and regulation for policymakers, media, and other public audiences. Our clients come to us with difficult policy issues because of our boutique approach and proven track record. Our approach is data-driven, robust, and transparent. Importantly, we work interactively with you throughout the process to craft messaging and produce research materials for your target audiences.

Supply Chain Vulnerability: an in-depth analysis of industry supply chain.
Our supply chain analysis vulnerability analysis examines the industry’s supply chain, including share of imports used in production by industry and country. The analysis examines how an industry’s supply chain could be impacted by a supply shock, due to trade policies or other events. It also compares import intensity to similar industries. The findings can be used internally to inform strategy and externally to communicate the impact of trade policies to policymakers and stakeholders.

Issue Assessment: a systematic approach to reframing the debate.
Our issue assessment systematically evaluates the research and communication used by both sides of a policy debate. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of pro and con public material including research, white papers, published articles, traditional and social media, blogs, tweets, and website material. Research material is analyzed and graded with respect to key indicators, credibility, research gaps, and message potential.  Communication material is analyzed and graded with respect to channel, audience, tonality, messaging, alignment, strategy, and readability.  We provide recommendations regarding strategy and messaging to get your issue moving in the right direction.

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